Surgery Instructions

There are specific instructions given to the patient before they undergo any type of surgery. These instructions could look the text below.

I am pleased to confirm that your admission for Surgery type and procedure codes has been scheduled and confirmed for Date at Hospital.

 Please report to the main reception of the hospital at time (theatre time is time) and state that you are for admission.

Anaesthetist’s name will be anaesthetising.

Food or drink in the stomach is dangerous during and immediately after the anaesthetic. For this reason you will need to stop eating food 6 hours before the operation. This includes white coffee, milk, supplement drinks or sweets. Between this time and 2 hours before the operation you can only drink clear fluid, which is water, black tea or black coffee only. However, two hours before the operation you should be NIL BY MOUTH

After your surgery you will need a post-operative follow up appointment with Mr Alusi. Please contact me to arrange it for you.