We aim at providing an excellent patient service and a smooth journey characterised by empathy and a caring attitude. We have developed an outline of the patient journey in order to provide existing and potential patients with useful information.

Step 1:

Insured patients: It is advisable to call your insurance provider in order to check which documents you might need in order to get an authorisation code. The authorisation code enables us to bill your insurance directly, avoiding the hassle of paying and claiming back. For most insurance companies a GP referral is necessary in order to provide authorisation. GP could be NHS or private.

Embassy Sponsored patients: Please visit your embassy in London in order to make sure that they are happy to sponsor you. If they are, they will provide you with a letter of guarantee (LOG) which ensures that your medical bill will be settled by your embassy.

Step 2:

Appointment booking: Booking an appointment is an easy process and could be done in a variety of ways. One of them is over the phone by calling:

You could also fill our quick contact form or email us at secretary@alusi-ent.com.

Step 3:

Make sure you have all the details of the appointment, e.g. place, time, directions. For more details or queries you can refer to the Clinic Sites page or contact our office.